Storage Units Are Not Just For People Who Are Moving

Most people think of storage facilities as being for people who are moving. Surely, they are really useful in a situation where you're between homes and need somewhere to stash your extra things for a few weeks. But storage units are not just for people who are moving. Here are some ways you might want to use a storage unit as someone who plans on staying put for the time being.

1. To Store Holiday Items

You only use your holiday items once a year, and in the meantime, they take up valuable space in your home. You might trip over the tote boxes they are in every time you enter the basement, or perhaps you wish you could use the closet they're stashed in for things like coats or linens. Why not rent a storage unit and keep your holiday items there? It's easier to take a drive to the storage facility and pick them up once a year than to keep tripping over them at home.

2. To Store Items for a Kid Moving Out

Do you have a teen who is going to be headed off to college soon? Or maybe you have an adult child who moved home, and who is looking for their first apartment. These people come with a lot of stuff that you have to find a place to store until they strike out on their own. Maybe you could put those items in a storage unit instead.

3. To Keep Hobby Supplies

Do you have a hobby that requires a lot of large equipment? Kayaking is a good example — you have big kayaks, a couple of paddles, and life preservers. Keeping these items in a storage unit frees up space in your home or garage. You can just pick the items up on your way out of town to engage in your hobby, and drop them off at the storage unit again before heading home.

4. To Store Prepping Items

Are you preparing for a natural disaster of some sort? Survival items can take up a lot of space in your home or garage, and keeping them in a storage unit saves you a lot of space. If you sense things are about to "go bad" and cause a need for your items, you can bring them all home at any point. In the meantime, you get them out of your everyday space so you can live without always having to think of the possibility of a disaster.

For more information on storage units, reach out to a local self-storage facility.