What Is Included In A Full-Service Move?

When you sell your home and need to relocate to a new property, you have several options when it comes to moving. Some people move themselves and handle every single aspect. Others handle some of the work but hire the rest out, but there are also people who hire a moving company to handle everything. If you want to choose this option, you will need to find a full-service moving company to handle the move for you, and here are the steps this will include.

Packing Materials

The first thing that a full-service move includes is the packing materials. You cannot move to a new home without these important materials, and they include three main things. You will need boxes, tape, and stuffing material to hold your goods in place and to protect them. If you hire a full-service mover, they will provide these things for your move.

Packing Services

A full-service moving company will also come into your house and pack your things for you. As they do this, they will label the boxes and pack the items safely. Full-service movers offer insurance that protects your things during the move, so you can know that everything will be safe when you hire a company to do the work for you.

Disassembly and Assembly Services

The movers will also disassemble and assemble your things. For example, you cannot move a bed without taking it apart. If you do not want to do this, you can pay the moving company to do it for you. When they take your things apart, they will keep all the parts together so they can find them when they need to reassemble the items after moving them.

Transportation Services

You can also expect a full-service move to include the transportation services required for moving your things from one home to another. They will move every last thing you own, leaving you without any work.

Unpacking Services

The final thing a full-service move includes is unpacking services. If you want the company to set everything up and unpack your boxes for you, they will do this with a full-service move. You may need to be there to provide instructions as they complete this task, though.

If you do not want to handle any part of your move, you might want to hire a company to provide a full-service move for you. If you would like to ask for a quote for services, contact a full-service moving company today to learn more.