Are You Moving?

Are you moving to a new town or city? You are probably having different emotions that accompany your move. On one hand, you might be excited about getting to live in a new house. On the other hand, you might be dreading the packing process. Is your company moving you? If so, a certain residential moving company might already be selected. If you are moving yourself, the first thing you should do is to find a company that focuses on residential moving. From getting your house ready for packing day to having a family meeting in order to have some help, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Family Meeting 

Think of setting an exact time where you can sit down with the rest of your family members to talk about your upcoming move. Have a chart ready to present at this informal meeting. For example, the chart could have topics like Go Through DVDs And CDs, Go Through Personal Belongings, Kitchen Jobs, and Clear Out The Attic written on it. Tell your family that you will be using a certain amount of time, maybe an entire day or a week, to get the house ready for packing day. As each chore is accomplished as a family, you can check it off the list.

Before the packers come, be sure to remind your family members that they'll need to keep some personal items with them. For instance, if one of your children has a special blanket that he or she always sleeps with, that blanket should be put aside so it won't get packed. Think of giving each person in your family a small box or a little suitcase in which to place things that won't be packed.

Moving Day 

Since you are using a company that does residential moving, you can be sure that those who do the packing will have the training and the experience to do a very professional job in caring for your household belongings. For example, if you have a collection of fragile figurines, each figurine will be packed separately, If you have things like large mirrors or framed artwork, those items will more than likely be crated so they won't be damaged in the move.

If you are unlucky enough to end up with rain on moving day, don't worry about your furniture and your other household belongings. They will be carefully wrapped so that the rain won't even touch them.