Tips For Moving A Piano

Moving to a new home comes with a variety of challenges. If you have a piano and you want to move it to your new home, you need to think carefully about the difficulty that may come along with moving it. The following are some tips you should know if you plan to move a piano correctly and without problems:

Gather the Necessary Materials

Before you consider moving a piano, you first need to collect the necessary materials to do so. First, you need the proper tools to disassemble parts of the piano. A variety of screwdrivers are typically the main tools you need. Be sure to have different screwdriver heads that can handle different types of screws. You also need some moving blankets for padding. Pianos have a nice finish, so you do not want to scratch it as you move. Professional moving blankets are ideal, but you can use large towels or regular blankets you already have.

You also need some stretch wrap to hold all the parts together that are not removed from the piano. Additionally, you may need a dolly to help move the piano. This is most useful for upright pianos. For grand pianos, you need a skid board to handle the size and shape of the piano.

Measure the Doorways

Next, you need to be sure you can fit the piano through the doorways of your old home as well as your new home. You also need to measure stairways and other pathways to ensure the piano will fit through. This will help you determine how much if any of the piano you need to disassemble. You may want to place some blankets or other protection on the doorways and paths to prevent bumping the piano into them as you move.

Disassemble the Piano

This part of moving a piano may be more difficult if you do not have the skills or expertise. You need to disassemble some or all the piano to get it out of the old house and into the new house. For grand pianos, you must remove the piano lid by unscrewing the screws on the lid and wrapping it in blankets. You also should remove the lyre and the piano pedals. Disassembling a piano can be tedious and could cause damage to the instrument, so proceed with caution. Once the piano is disassembled, you should place it on the skid board and move it where it needs to go.

Move the Piano

Once the piano is fully disassembled and carefully wrapped, your final step is to move the piano. You will need help to properly and safely move the piano. The weight of the piano should be distributed evenly. Be sure to move the piano gently to avoid breaking parts of the instrument.

If you are unsure about how to best move your piano, it may be best to hire a professional moving company to take care of this significant part of your moving process. Go online to websites like for more information.