Benefits and Use of Storage Units for Your Child's Old Nursery Items

Has your child outgrown their nursery? Do you want to keep everything for your next child or as hand-me-downs for other family members? Before you pack your baby's furniture, clothing, or gear, take a look at what you need to know about the benefits and use of storage units.

How Can Storage Help Your Family?

Your child no longer needs their crib and other infant items. Whether you've already chosen a new toddler/twin bed and big-kid furniture or you're still in the interior design and room planning phase, you need to make space in your child's new room. As you navigate this transitional time, a storage facility can help you to:

  • Save money. Will you expand your family soon? Save on repeat costs and reuse your everything from your child's nursery when your next baby arrives. A self-storage unit provides plenty of space to keep everything safe for the next few months or years.
  • Reduce injury risks. Now that your child is walking and moving on their own, leftover nursery furniture and other items can become major safety issues. Remove unnecessary obstacles, and trip and fall hazards, with a storage rental.
  • Remove clutter. Along with safety issues, clutter can cramp your home and leave you with less usable space. Instead of stashing your child's old nursery items in a spare room or the basement, clear the clutter and put everything into storage.

Storage can also help family members who don't currently live with you. If you plan to give your child's old crib or other nursery items to a relative who is pregnant (or plans to have a baby soon), a storage unit allows you to save anything you want to hand down.

How Should You Store Nursery Items? 

Now that you know why to store your child's old used nursery items, it's time to take the next step and learn more about packing, prep, and the storage process. To keep everything from a crib to clothes safe in storage:

  • Disassemble what you can. Does the crib have assembly and dis-assembly directions? Follow these to take apart the crib before you store it. Wrap each piece, put the hardware into baggies, and store the items together.
  • Use plastic bins. Keep your baby's clothing, bed linens, and other light-weight items safe in plastic bins. Make sure the lids fit tightly to keep moisture, dirt, or debris out.
  • Label everything. Label boxes, bins, and bags clearly with the word nursery, the date, or the category the items fit into.

Choose one area of the storage unit for all nursery furniture and containers. This will help you to easily access the items when you need to remove them from the rental unit.