Investing in Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Rentals

Since the self-storage industry is thriving you shouldn't have an issue finding a quality storage unit in your city. These storage units are quite useful whether you're in-between moves or need to clean out your attic or basement. Choosing the best features, such as climate-controlled settings, will help you land the ideal storage unit. You should also be mindful of every detail of your project and find the best company. Consider these details below and start researching storage rental companies. 

Factor in what you need your self-storage to accomplish and how you plan to use it

Have your goals laid out before you sign a self-storage contract. 76 percent of people say they perform some version of spring cleaning each year. This ritual helps people establish order in their homes and get rid of the junk that they've been meaning to for a while. Having self-storage for a large cleaning project like this can save you lots of time and trouble. 

You might also want a storage unit for your seasonal clothes and Christmas decorations, or to help get your graduating child ready for college. Always consider the details of your project before finding the storage unit to rent. 

Opt for climate-controlled self-storage and other features that you need

If you're going to rent a self-storage unit, climate control provides you lots of flexibility. You won't have to worry about your belongings getting damaged due to the temperatures outdoors. People often opt for climate control when they're storing items like antiques, vinyl records, old documents, and collectibles.

Learn about the different temperature settings that come with the storage unit so you can find the service that best suits your needs. For example, to store important photos and documents, the temperature should stay below 75 degrees and the relative humidity shouldn't surpass 65 percent. Work with storage rental companies that are used to helping with these sorts of needs.

In addition to climate control, ask about the security measures that are taken. Your storage unit should be protected by at least two to three different layers of high-tech security. 

Carve out a reasonable contract with a professional self-storage company in your area

Start getting price quotes once you find out what size unit you need and what kinds of climate control settings. Renting out storage units with climate control will cost you about $76 and up depending on your city. Peruse the contract to know every detail that you're responsible for and what protections are guaranteed. 

Follow these tips and search for climate-controlled self-storage.